About us

It all started with…

...a Facebook article during Wedding Season 2017.  Friend after friend was getting hitched and each event just had to out-do the next.  What's different?  What's the next big thing?  So of course social media is where I turned.  There, right before my eyes was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen!  A cute little Vespa type vehicle that served Prosecco!  I quickly sent the link to one of the brides and said "YOU MUST HAVE THIS."  As a Prosecco lover herself, she agreed and began searching the area for one to rent, but to no avail.  That night, my now fiance and partner in crime, came home from work and was greeted with "Babe we have to get one of these...its genius!"  And that's where it all began.  He quickly started making phone calls overseas to get more info.  Where are they from and how do we get one here?  After some hard work and research, we found a builder and began our journey.  

So here we are, all fancied up and ready for action!  We hope our love for great wine, bubbly Prosecco and cold beer served out of an adorable Italian Piaggio Ape, will soon become your love too!


Stephen and Laura